Grant Instruments is synonymous with high quality laboratory equipmen for use in routine laboratory applications for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes. Based near Cambridge, England, Grant Instruments was founded in 1951 and key groups of products within the range include temperature controlled baths and circulators for heating and refrigerating, shaking baths for agitating samples, dry block heaters for incubating samples and ultrasonic baths for cleaning.

Grant Instruments has designed and produced a range of more specialist laboratory equipment for very specific applications. The Grant Bio range features blood warming baths, Gerber baths for dairies, high temperature baths and inspissators for the production of tuberculosis culture medium. The entire range has a low profile and a small footprint, which has resulted in users being able to fit Grant Bio products into almost any location within their laboratories.

Additionally, the Grant Instrument's range includes the areas of data acquisition and data analysis, under the Grant Squirrel brand. Key traits of Grant Squirrel instruments are the small size, battery operated and incredibly straightforward to programme. The dataloggers can be set to measure and monitor a large array of different physical parameters such as humidity, temperature, current, voltage, resistance and many others. All Grant Squirrel dataloggers are built to a very high quality, which has led to them being renowned for their long life and high reliability.

You can buy certain Grant products online at our sister company Cadmus Products.

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